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Congratulations - You're Engaged! NOW WHAT?!

As previous brides (as well as, current designers and consultants) - we are SO excited for you and your fiancé. What a magical moment.

Engagement and tying the knot are such momentous occasions in life, and should be celebrated from the ring to the honeymoon, and far beyond! This moment is chalked full of joyful emotions, sometimes happy tears, and possibly, a twinge of stress, when you begin to consider, "what next?".

We meet with an array of brides and grooms that range from knowing exactly what they want, how they want it and who will be there, to having zero ideas to toss in the ring.

We are here to help craft unique solutions to effortlessly deliver your event in an authentic and meaningful way to suit YOU!

Planning Can Be Overwhelming...

Here's our recommendation - regardless of whether you decide to elope, have a destination wedding, or pull out all the stops, hire a professional planner and invite 500 guests - start simple.

Start with 5 Simple Steps:

  1. Determine when and how of your announcement (news travels fast!)

  2. Celebrate with your favorite people

  3. Pick a season (rather than a hard date)

  4. Pick your top 3 venues & book a tour

  5. Find a planner you enjoy

  6. Begin work with them BEFORE you lock down your venue & vendors (it will make your life easier)

You'll have a slew of lists and to do's in short order - in this moment, these are the items that can get you started in the right direction without losing steam in the process.

BOOK A CONSULT! We'd love to help.

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