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Your Venue Vision...

When it comes to composing all the details of your wedding, the venue ranks pretty high on the list. Not only how it looks, but also all the perks or takeaways from the way it is managed, and what benefits are offered to help compliment your day of and make things flow smoothly.

Not Sure What We Mean? Check Out Below.

Here are a Few Things to Consider...

  1. Are you able to hold a walk through the day before for rehearsal?

  2. Is there a prep space for the bridal party the day of?

  3. Will there be a dedicated facility manager the day of to assist your planner or setup and teardown teams?

  4. Does the venue cater or limit your catering options?

  5. Is the venue insured and staffed to serve alcohol?

  6. Can you rent tables, chairs, linens and lights from your venue?

  7. Is there a drop off and pick up policy that allows you flexibility the days before and following the event? (will alleviate you waking up at 5am on your wedding day to haul inventory)

  8. Does this location host multiple events on the same day?

  9. Is a shuttle included in the rental of the venue?

  10. Are there local hotel accommodations for the guests near by?

  11. Are there restrictions of flames, hanging décor on the walls or ceiling, or use of certain vendors?

  12. Does the venue have flexible payment structures or financing options?

  13. Is the venue a blank canvas (good to consider, if you want to decorate personally)?

  14. Does the floorplan allow you to do what you'd like from a traffic pattern, sweetheart or head table standpoint?

  15. Is there a reception and ceremony space (plan B), if there's inclement weather?

As always, planning weddings is what we love to do and have a passion for. We've designed for the simple or exotic tastes, and everything in between. We enjoy collaborating with our couples and helping make their vision come to life.

Schedule a consult with us to determine if we would work well together - (515) 978-1448

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